1-Cell Rebuildable PEM Fuel Cell Kit

1-Cell Rebuildable PEM Fuel Cell Kit

H-TEC Education’s PEMFC Kit contains a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) that can be completely disassembled specially for education and research purposes.  The PEM fuel cell can run in Hydrogen/oxygen or hydrogen/air operation modes.  All the tools needed for assembly are included!

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In a fuel cell, chemical energy is converted directly into electrical energy, i.e. without use of a combustion process.  Hydrogen and oxygen supplied from outside the process react to form water, generating electrical current and heat in the process.  The oxygen can be supplied in pure form, or in the form of air.

The membrane-electrode unit forms the heart of the PEM fuel cell.  The following reactions take place within it:
• Cathode: 4e –  + 4H +  + O 2  ? 2H 2 O
• Anode: 2H 2  ? 4H +  + 4e –
• Complete Reaction: 2H 2  + O 2  ? 2H 2 O

Technical Specifications:
• Power in Hydrogen and Oxygen Mode: 1 W
• Power in Hydrogen and Air Mode: 800 mW (with oxygen plate)
• Power in Hydrogen and Air Mode: 1.2 W (with air plate)
• Electrode Area: 16 cm²
• Generated Voltage: 0.4 – 0.96 V DC