Junior Basic

Junior Basic

H-TEC Education’s Junior Basic, J101 is a Solar Hydrogen Experimentation System consisting of solar module, PEM Electrolyzer, hydrogen and oxygen storage tanks, PEM fuel cell and fan (for electric load); mounted on a black base-plate, and textbook.  The included H-TEC Education fuel cell textbook contains information about the technology and instructions for a variety of experiments.

The Junior Basic reflects the simple elegance of the hydrogen cycle by reflecting a self-contained hydrogen system that is perfect for introducing the technology behind the solar hydrogen cycle, or for small demonstrations.

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· Compact system on one base-plate
· Clear, self-explanatory set-up
· Sturdy construction
· Short setup time

Experiments Possible with the Junior Basic:
· Producing and storing hydrogen and oxygen
· Determining characteristic curve of solar panel
· Operating the fuel cell with hydrogen and oxygen 2:1
· Determining characteristic curve of electrolyzer
· Determining electrolyzer efficiency
· Learning about Faraday’s laws
· Determining characteristic curves of fuel cell
· Determining fuel cell efficiency
· Determining decomposition voltage of water
· Storing electrical energy from wind by using hydrogen technology
· Demonstrating a complete renewable hydrogen energy system
For the blue experiments listed above you will also need the Measurement Set.
For the green experiments listed above you will also need the Wind Generator.

· Single Electrolyzer
o Technical Specifications:
· Permissible Voltage: up to 2 VDC
· Permissible Current: up to 1.5 A
· Hydrogen Production: up to 10mL/min
· Oxygen Production: up to 5mL/min
· Electrode Area: 2.9 cm²
· Requires Commercial distilled (deionized) water with a conductivity of < 2 ?S/cm

· Single H 2 /O 2 Fuel Cell
o Technical Specifications:
· Power Output: 500 mW
· Electrode Area: 2.9 cm²

· Solar Panel
· 2 X Storage 30
· Fan Load
· Acrylic Base Plate
· Instructional Textbook