Quattro fuel Cell H2-O2-Air

Quattro fuel Cell H2-O2-Air

H-TEC Education’s Quattro Fuel Cell H 2 /O 2 /Air can be operated in two modes: (1) Hydrogen and Oxygen and (2) Hydrogen and Air.

This Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell produces electricity by using hydrogen and oxygen gas (or atmospheric oxygen).  Its only by-products are water and heat.

With the Quattro Fuel Cell H 2 /O 2 /Air, you have the option of operating the cell in air-breathing mode (Hydrogen and Air mode) simply by removing the stopper.  When operating with atmospheric oxygen (air), the power of the cell is somewhat lower than when operating with pure oxygen (Hydrogen and Oxygen Mode).  When dealing with larger fuel cell systems running your fuel cell on Atmospheric Oxygen (Air) versus pure Oxygen allows for an easier and cheaper overall operation!

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• Power in Fuel Cell H 2 /O 2  Mode: 2 W
• Power in Fuel Cell H 2 /Air Mode: 600mW