Stack Experimentation set

Stack Experimentation set

H-TEC Education’s Fuel Cell Stack Experimentation Set’s stack design allows for a wide range of experiments with fuel cell technology, and the included specially-developed software packages provide all the data needed for sophisticated research into fuel cell operation.  The Stack Experimentation Set includes all the features found in the H-TEC Education Tutorial range – modular design, magnetic bases for easy set-up, and magnetic brackets for vertical display.

Every Stack Experimentation Set also includes the Fuel Cell Monitor Pro software (newly updated to version 4.0), which allows real-time monitoring of every cell in the stack, and can calculate the efficiencies and electrical characteristics of both fuel cells and electrolyzers.

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Experiments Possible With the Stack Experimentation Set:
· Building a fuel cell stack up to ten cells
· Producing and storing hydrogen
· Determining characteristic curve of solar panel
· Voltage-controlled automatic measurements
· Determining characteristic curve of electrolyzer
· Determining electrolyzer efficiency
· Learning about Faraday‘s laws
· Determining characteristic curves of fuel cell
· Determining fuel cell efficiency
· Determining decomposition voltage of water
· Long-term measurements at your own computer
· Fixing the output at different operating points of the fuel cell stack
· Monitoring single cell stack voltages at your computer
· Power-controlled automatic measurements

· Fuel Cell Stack 10
o Technical Specs:
· Power Per Cell: 200 mW
· Total Power (10 Cells): 2 W
· Generated Voltage: 0.4 – 0.96 V per cell
· Electrode Area: 4cm² per cell

· Electrolyzer 65
o Technical Specs:
-Hydrogen Production Rate: 65 mL/min
-Permissible Operating Voltage: 0 – 4 VDC
-Permissible Operating Current: 0 – 4.4 A
-Permissible Operating Pressure: 0 – 20 mbar
-Electrode Area: 2 cells at 16 cm 2  each
-Operating Medium: Distilled Water

· Solar Panel
o Technical Specs:
-Solar Area: 1089 cm²
-Power: 13 W @ 5 V

· Storage 80
· Fuel Cell Monitor Pro 4.0
· Spotlight (Load)
· Fan (Load)
· Carrying Case