Demo House

Demo House

The Solar Hydrogen Cycle House Demo is an amazing demonstration of a closed renewable energy
cycle featuring a fuel cell, electrolyzer, and solar panels!  Make learning renewable energy easy and fun by showing the Demo House to students, colleagues, friends and more!

The house energy demonstration model consists of an air-breathing fuel cell stack (5 cells) combined with an electrolyzer and a hydrogen storage tank. The realistic house model shows the domestic energy
supply of the future. The electrolyzer produces hydrogen gas. This gas then feeds the air-breathing fuel cell stack. The fuel cell stack supplies electricity for the integrated LEDs that illuminate the chart.

The House Demo can be used to demonstrate the operation of PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) Fuel
Cells and PEM Electrolyzers.

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House Demo – D111 Includes:

  •  Demo House
  •  Fuel Cell Stack 5
    o Number of Cells: 5
    o Active area: 4 cm² X 5
    o Open Circuit Voltage: 5 V DC
    o Nominal Power Output: 1 W
  • Electrolyzer
    o Active Area: 16 cm 2
    o Permissible Operating Voltage: 0 – 2 V DC
    o Permissible Operating Current: 0 – 3 A
    o Hydrogen production rate: Up to 21 mL/minute
    o Oxygen production rate: Up to 10.5 mL/minute
  • Hydrogen Storage Tank
    o Volume: approx. 50 mL
  • Solar Module
    o Number of Cells: 3
    o Active Solar Surface: 180 cm 2
    o Operating Current: Approx. 1050 mA