Tutorial HyRunner

Tutorial HyRunner

The Tutorial HyRunner Kit by H-TEC Education helps you explore the innovative world of hydrogen powered vehicle / car models.  The kit is equipped with a Reversible PEM Fuel Cell to combine hydrogen and oxygen and produce electrical energy to power the motor.  The hydrogen is supplied by the solar hydrogen gas station where the reversible fuel cell is run in electrolysis mode (in combination with the Solar Panel and De-ionized water) and splits water into hydrogen and oxygen.  The gases are then stored for use in the storage cylinders where they are later transferred to the car and supplied back in to the reversible fuel cell when it is run in fuel cell mode to power the car!

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About the Reversible Fuel Cell in The HyRunner Kit:
The Reversible H 2 /O 2 /Air Fuel Cell included in the HyRunner Kit can be operated in three different modes:
(1) Electrolyzer Mode – Uses external voltage to produce Hydrogen and Oxygen
(2) H 2 /O 2  Fuel Cell Mode – Uses pure Hydrogen and Oxygen to produce electricity
(3) H 2 /Air Fuel Cell Mode – Uses pure Hydrogen and Atmospheric Oxygen (also known as air) to produce electricity

The Reversible Fuel Cell (RFC) can work in either electrolysis or fuel cell mode.  As an electrolyzer, it uses an external voltage to break down water into hydrogen and oxygen.  As a fuel cell, it produces electricity by using hydrogen and oxygen gas (or atmospheric oxygen, also known as air).

Recommended Grade Levels: 5 – 12

The typical running time of the Tutorial HyRunner is 8 minutes.  The Charging Time depends on
which method is used:
· Solar Module Tutorial (under sunlight): approx. 4.5 minutes

· Compact system on one base-plate
· Clear, self-explanatory set-up
· Sturdy construction
· Short setup time

Experiments Possible with the Tutorial HyRunner:
· Building a model hydrogen car
· Producing and storing hydrogen
· Determining characteristic curve of solar panel
· Hydrogen/oxygen or hydrogen/air operation
· Determining characteristic curve of electrolyzer
· Determining electrolyzer efficiency
· Learning about Faraday’s laws
· Determining characteristic curves of fuel cell
· Determining fuel cell efficiency
· Determining decomposition voltage of water
For the blue experiments listed above you will also need the Measurement Set.

· Reversible Fuel Cell
o Hydrogen Production in Electrolyzer Mode: 5 cm 3 /min at 1.16 WH
o Oxygen Production in Electrolyzer Mode: 2.5 cm 3 /min at 1.16 WH
o Power in Fuel Cell H 2 /O 2  Mode: 300 mW
o Power in Fuel Cell H 2 /Air Mode: 100 mW
· Solar Panel
o Technical Specifications:
-Power: 1.2 W @ 2 V
-Active Solar Area: approx. 31 cm²

· 2 X Storage 30
· Vehicle Plate and accessories
· Instructional Textbook